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. a would-be terrorist hoping to attack popular sites across one major u.s. city. and troops in afghanistan. defenseless against a murderer in disguise. assassins. dressed as allies. it is happening again. nato troops gunned down by a terrorist wearing an afghan police uniform are. the latest green on blue attack follows that deadly ambush on our premier u.s. marine base. with new word now directly from the taliban their target is one of the most famous people in uniform. >> also, our military and the fbi now on the hunt in libya for the killers of those four americans who died in our consultate. tonight, al-qaeda praising the death of u.s. ambassador are chris stevens and in citing others to go after troops. we witness the latest efforts to protect americans under threat. >> we begin with a fox you bent. urgent. brand new details on the surprise attack in afghanistan that killed two u.s. marines yesterday. here is what is key. and you will notice the trend here. we are now learning about 15 taliban insurgents stormed that base wearing u.s. army uniforms. at the post our marines share with
manipulation when news watch returns. >> a terrorist attack on americans in libya. a troubled u.s. economy and slow job growth here. dangerous defense cuts and mind numbing deficit with no solid plan for a fix. oh, and mitt romney's ineloquent talk with conservative supporters gets recorded on a sneaky cam. which story got the most attention by the ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a stunning work of technology. introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> the result could be a game changer. >> with 49 days to election day. a candidate for president doesn't want a distraction from his message. but it's happened in a big way to mitt romney. >> today there was political earthquake in the presidential race and all because of the small camera secretly recording on the side of a room. >> let me start tonight, if i were a rich man ♪ ♪ dumb. it one thing to be rich and have a majority of voters convinced you are going to help the rich but what about pandering to the rich. >> jon: just something on mitt romney speaking in florida
returns. >> a terrorist attack on americans in libya. a troubled u.s. economy and slow job growth here. dangerous defense cuts and mind numbing deficit with no solid plan for a fix. oh, and mitt romney's ineloquent talk with conservative supporters gets recorded on a sneaky cam. which story got the most attention by the media and why? that is next on news watch. [ mrs. hutchison ] friday night has always been all fun and games here at the hutchison household. but one dark stormy evening... she needed a good meal and a good family. so we gave her purina cat chow complete. it's the best because it has something for all of our cats! and after a couple of weeks she was part of the family. we're so lucky that lucy picked us. [ female announcer ] urina cat chow complete. and for a delicious way to help maintain a healthy weight, try new purina cat chow healthy weight. [ female announcer ] do you think the best of nature and science and research should go into the products you trust? then you think like amway. yes. amway. using the highest quality standards, we develop and manufacture just wh
to be, what were believed to be reuters storming the u.s. cons the lat protesting an answered muslim film supposedly from this country and for the u.s. attacking cairo egypt ap tearing down the american flag. somebody tweeted this, we firmly reject the action of those who use the universal right of freedom of speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others. politico tried to have the statement like this, the statement by the embassy cairo was not cleared by the washington and does not reflect the views of the nights government and mitt romney reacted with this statement, i am outraged by the attacks on americans in diplomatic mission ins libya and egypt and by the death of an american consulate worker in benghazi. >> ultimately the administration was wrong to stand by a statement with those who breached our embassy in egypt. instead of condemning their actions. it's never too early for the united states government to condemn attacks on americans, and to defend our values. and the white house distanced itself last night from the the statement, saying it wasn't cleared by washington. an
>> 50 years has managed to float this long, i'm not surprised, the u.s. puts out good stuff via on fox. only with the. tomorrow. >> i accept the nomination. >> who are you voting for in november? why are the choices we will hear from the other candidate. does he have good ideas if we go down the obama path we will be so far down the path we may not recover. >> >> stuart alexander president of the united states. fighting to abolish the irs. >> better than romney o or obama's? party crashers. and that is our show. john: a sporting events. two candidates competing there are other people in the ring they have better ideas that obama or mitt romney? why should we even care? they probably will not win. matt welch says we should care because, i will let them explain. declaration of independence sing it can fix what is wrong and also running the candidate for ralph nader and author of "grand illusion." >> the two parties ask stack the deck against independent candidates starting with the ballot to laws which is the number one problem. how do i get off the ballot? john: just give a bunch
governance, hadley, and net gillespie. u.s. inspired? >> we know he is the good speech giver. john: better than romney? >> at the podium he is a plus. but he said we should drill for more natural gas. that is the most abundant resource. hopefully he will follow through. john: to develop a 100 year supply of natural gas price by thought he resisted that? >> he was then favorable energy production but favoring overseas. i am not hopeful. >> i like he mentioned that. and he is a eager to work with the bipartisan debt commission. we know that he knows there is $60 million in debt. that was not talk about earlier. in is acknowledged. i am curious of his plan. he has not done anything so far. john: he will tax the rich people. >> if you do the arithmetic it is not enough. >> i like he called out the g.o.p. to be paid with their plans. he could practice talking to a mirror. [laughter] but unlike media he attacked balmy for privilege if you need money for college ask your parents. and also paul ryan. this is petty differences. if they cannot be substantive, let it be entertaining. john: they're al
through 21s 2010. >> these were his explanations when was challenged ton. >> but the challenges really wouldn't come until harrisburg's finances collapsed under its most expensive falling. >> this incinerator was the biggest problem for criminal them. in never worked like it was supposed to. it has burned up hundreds of millions of dollars and some people now call this the incinerator from hell. originally built in 1972 before reid took office the plant was supposed to generate profit by charging fees to burn garbage. it didn't work out that way. mechanical problems shut it down. pa multiple times.ultiple >> the city had to decide do we incur more debt to get the it running again or just sell it and get rid of it. the city enured mor incurred m. in 2003 there was $100 million of debt outstanding. within four years there was $326 million. on an insin rater that probably could carry $100 million if it was operating properly. >> that debt crippled harrisburg. which unkovich says scrambled for cash whereever it could find it. for example he says to make extra money the city started overcha
. the bumps in the road comment went by pretty much unnoticed takes me back to another occasion where u.s. president dealing with a tragedy in the middle east use add sort of awkward metaphor, president reagan in the wake of the beirut bombing when the marines were killed in the barracks and takes time to fix are kitchen-- an awkward statement, not minimizing the deaths of those marines. just like president obama was not minimizing the deaths of the diplomates and terrible news and president reagan was-- but with president obama went right past. big news coming out of this whole thing, muhammad morrissy, our alleged ally in egypt, sort of siding with the bad guys there and that of course doesn't -- that is a bump in the road going forward, tragedy. >> right. >> kirsten, selective outrage on the part of the media. >> definitely selective outrage, in this case, zero outrage of so many things that are outrage and the youtube video that the administration elevate today a movie. it's not a movie, it's a video that no one saw, and the islamicist line that there was a movie that somehow they saw
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, the story are the attacks on u.s. missions overseas. and i can understand the impulse to try and step in there with a campaign blow, but to do it in the way that he did it in the middle of the events as they were unfolding, while he not spend time at all talking about foreign policy through the campaign made it seem a little knee jerkish. >> paul: was it what he criticized? should he have had a larger target there with a larger obama foreign policy or the fact na he decided to criticize on foreign policy at all. >> he tried to sort of walk back from this today, later in the week, tried to do a broader critique of the obama foreign policy and that's perfectly fine. but to jab the president in the eye while americans are being killed overseas would not go down well. >> and democrats never did that to george bush, right? you know, the thing is that you have to look the at what the state department said at that time in the context of what the overall obama policy has been, foreign policy had been which has been to apologize. he had the apology tour in 2009 he was in cairo and even henry k
in the 30s. we have numerous years where net capital investment is negative. we've got what's called regime uncertainty because businessmen wonder with an administration like this, want to risk any capital right now. i'm going to hold back from investing. we've got this -- stossel: roosevelt or obama now? >> that's the parallel here. roosevelt gets the credit for solving the great depression? it's astoppishing. the record with his people points out it's a failure. what more does it require for us to concede this? stossel: the comment that hoover did nothing and roosevelt saved us. hoover increased spending. >> hoover is the opposite of laissez faire. he doubled spending, there's a public works spending spree. the hoover dam, which was completed under fdr, started urn hoover. hoover creates the reconstruction finance corporations giving bailouts to banks and government projects. >> we have a graph of spending under hoover and after hoover. it was flat before. hoover comes to power, the yellow, increases spending 50%. this idea is absurd. you mentioned the hoover dam. that's a good exa
is the green party to pay for commercial. >> it means the end to unemployment, foreclosure, s tudent debt, a climate change, end of corporate rule. i and the green party candidate for president. we are proud to approve the message. >> i am not. [laughter] she gears and -- guarantees a job for every person but after agreeing to appear she change her mind and will not answer questions on this show. but other candidates are here and all are on the ballot starting with gary johnson of the libertarian party. [cheers and applause] [applause] john: it's not easy to get on the presidential ballot. you have to get hundreds of thousands of people to sign a petition i wanted this candidate on my state's ballot. one candidate succeeded in nearly every state. gary johnson. libertarian candidates. [applause] libertarian. what does that mean? >> fiscally responsible, socially excepting meeting most of americans. more liberal than a bomb and more conservative than romney. john: use started as door to door handyman that has more than 1,000 employees now running for governor and one twice in the democratic
. which takes me back to another occasion where another u.s. president used a awkward and that was president reagan in the wake of beirut bombing when all the marines were killed. president made some statement, it takes time to fix your kitchen. it was an awkward statement just like president obama wasn't minimizing it but it was a week's news how president reagan is out of it. big news this whole thing, mohammed morsi saying it's unacceptable, instead of siding but that is bump in the road. >> rick: collective outrage on the part of media? >> selective outrage. zero outrage of so many things that are outrageous. i guess most of outrage we've seen is this video that the administration elevated to a movie. it's not a movie. it's a youtube video that nobody ever saw. they are buying into this islamist line that there was a movie that somehow all these people saw. i also disagree with the idea of the president saying its bump in the road because it makes it sound like almost minor. what is going on is not minor having 20 different countries having anti-american uprisings
become arches, but somebody else would say, it's okay. we are doing fine. we have around the mid 20s, we began to see fireman walking up the stairs, for the people walking down, the sight of the fireman was a very calming experience. when i got into the lobby, and i could see the full impact. >> now you hear silence. and it's a dead calm of dust and smoke and all of a sudden, you hear people slowly somebody starts screaming, someone starts yelling and you are hearingue are hearing help. you are hearing, please. you are hearing very -- one at a time you are hearing it. it just started and then all of a sudden, everybody started screaming and coming out, what happened?! what happened?! >> i jumped up, grabbed my flashlight from the credenza, put a whistle around my neck and ran out of my private office into the larger office and said, come on, everybody, let's go. there has been an explosion upstairs, we have to move. let's get out of here. >> the elevator came, we went downstairs. we were on the ground floor now, about to get through the turnstile. the security guard asked us, where are y
. >> it means the end to unemployment, foreclosure, s tudent debt, a climate change, end of corporate rule. i and the green party candidate for president. we are proud to approve the message. >> i am not. [laughter] she gears and -- guarantees a job for every person but after agreeing to appear she change her mind and will not answer questions on this show. but other candidates are here and all are on the ballot starting with gary johnson of the libertarian party. party. [cheers and applause] so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. i'm for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms you certainly are. caused by acid reflux disease. osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we bui
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goal is to get by next year the amelya stands in 100 u.s. cities where we believe ultimately every child in america should do a lemonade stand. john: some cities where you won't even try, san francisco. >> an awful lot of flaws in our country, and those laws have unintended consequences. although the health department is designed to help protect us from bad food and bad vendors, it also is preventing us from teaching the youth of america what we have been doing for hundreds of years in the united states and to eliminate stance. john: most places, just a bunch of kids to eliminate day and we will allow with, but some cities say it would be safe. we have this rule and that rule. it won't even budge. >> with the health departments are the police, as their representatives, have gone out and arrested these kids, almost every case is turned into a public outrage where they're saying he missed the point. you need to back down and the health department is to become supporters. john: you don't say, hey, kids, go sell lemonade, you have adults. john: is how to run a business. he teaches some
and it it wasn't clear even to them what was happening. >> geraldo: do you think with the pro-u.s. rescue benghazi day today that libya's worth our staying the course? >> well, obviously it is worth our trying to be involved in the middle east. i think part of the problem of this administration is that they have had a hands off approach in syria. they didn't do much when the iranians took to the streets and it took them awhile to get involved in libya. i wrote columns calling for u.s. support in libya before the president was able to make himself at least give some limited support. i think the problem is a lot of our friends, a a lot of the people in those countries who are moderates and i think in many places that is the majority of the population they feel that we cut and run when things get difficult and we are not good and loyola friend loyd so they risk their lives trying to stand for democracy. i think we should be more involved, not less involved. >> geraldo: jackie and kristine, i want to ask both of you because you have grown up in the public eye so to speak and your privacy has
of congress in the u.s. senate. i want to commend him for once again seriously trying to get to the bottom of this. this is a serious issue. american people deserve answers and by the way, the families of these slain american heros deserve for the president and for the administration to speak to them straightforward and let them know what is going on and what has happened and right now they are not getting that as well. >> thank you very much. thank you both. >> thank you,. >> geraldo: believe it or not, folks, actually good news out of libya today. hundreds in benghazi and in tripoli the capital city answering the called of their chiefs of staff to hand over their weapons. to hand over following popular outrage against the armed militias following the murders of ambassador stevens and h his three brave colleagues. sadly they represent just a tiny fraction of those in private hands in that chaotic country. coming up, more on benghazi gate. plus, presidential candidate roseanne barjuc bar on why shes fighting to stop the federal crackdown and medical marijuana. alannah stewart. wait until y
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? the weekend? they built the country. eight-hour day came from the 1930's. >> 1914 henry ford doubled wages and to compete gm and chrysler followed suit. 30 years before the uaw insisted. >> because they wanted to compete. >> we would still have the t's 30. >> she is wrong. workers' lives have them plantation proved because of free enterprise contracts helped but then they hurt even the union workers because the rules slow-growth and that is what is best for workers. henry ford doubled wages then hired more. years later they get benefits for awhile but growth slowed then stopped. compared gm with toyota it created 15,000 jobs in america. over the same period gm lost 400,000. how was that good for workers? >> union members should have a right to unionize. but the downside is the opportunities lost because union rules limit the of re
spending $20,000 per child it does not help kids. government raises the s.a.t. scores come in and out of events. spending has tripled but scores are flat. in college she may get the pool subsidized by dollars. when she gets her three contraceptives and the surgery taxpayers pay r that to but she will have to wait one year before the surgery. her son will not find great teachers and the monopoly will not allow other choices. and she cannot retire because so security and medicare are being grabbed. unsustainable and having trouble finding any job because regulations will kill job growth. give me a
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 52 (some duplicates have been removed)